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Meow, Monsieur: The French Felines of New Orleans, $14.95
by Jim Gabour

"These twenty tales, each with a gorgeous illustration by Gabour himself, give us all the fun and adventure, all the heart and soul, even the legendary mystique of the city, in a way that no one has ever seen before.... If you love New Orleans and if you love cats, you're going to be crazy about Gabour's book."
- T.R. Johnson,editor
New Orleans: A Literary History

Author Jim Gabour has served as professor emeritus at L'Ecole Française des Chats in the Faubourg Marigny of New Orleans since 2001. His maps show approximate locations,although cats may have wandared, commis le font.

Meow, Monsieur!
Jim Gabour
Paperback | Mar 2021
3 in store $14.95
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What keeps us from happiness, Watts argues, is our inability to fully inhabit the present.
The Wisdom of Insecurity
Alan Watts
Paperback | Feb 2011
3 in store $15.00
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The 768-page book, “A Promised Land,” will be the first of two volumes, this one encompassing parts of his early political life, his presidential campaign in 2008 and ending with the death of Osama bin Laden in 2011. 

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A Promised Land
Barack Obama
Hardcover | Nov 2020
2 in store $45.00
How We Show Up
Mia Birdsong
Paperback | Jun 2020
(available for order)
Mountain Kingdom Masks
11 in store $15.00
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The Faubourg Marigny of New Orleans
authored by Scott S. Ellis
 “An important, distinctive neighborhood that also stands as a sort of microcosm for the city’s evolution, the Faubourg Marigny receives in this book the historical consideration it so well deserves. Scott S. Ellis takes us on a block-by-block, conflict-by-conflict journey stretching from early Creole society to the rise of Frenchmen Street as a cultural mecca.”—Brian Boyles, publisher, Louisiana Cultural Vistas 


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